Essay about Nation 's Capital Leads Way For U.s. Internet Speed

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Nation’s Capital Leads Way for U.S. Internet Speed
There isn’t much fast about Washington DC traffic. Internet speed in DC, though? There’s much more smooth sailing than you can expect on the Capital Beltway.
A recent study of Internet speed in the United States reveals the capital as the nation’s fastest. The District of Columbia displaced Ohio as the fastest state, as reported for Q1 2016. Akamai, a content delivery network, conducted the study.
Akamai measures Internet connectivity and security. Data include states with the best access to Internet speeds of at least 10Mbps. It also examines speed in 10 countries. Its Q2 numbers were recently released. Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Utah round out the top 5 for Internet speed.
States with the slowest Internet include Mississippi, Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky and former No. 1 Ohio. Delaware’s average speed clocks in at three times as fast as Ohio’s.
Internet speeds in America have been on an incline since Q4 in 2014. Only seven times since Q3 2007 has the average Internet speed in the U.S. decreased.
Globally, the U.S. ranks second to Japan, a jump of two spots from Q1 2016. The United Kingdom, Canada and Russia rank 3-5.
Other tidbits from the findings:
• Eastern seaboard states (and DC) make up eight of the top 10 states for speed. They include Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Virginia.) Utah (5) and Washington (10) were the only western states in the top 10.
• Southern…

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