Nation State : The United States Essay

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nation-state -
Nation-states play a large role in American history, and are vital to the existence of the United States. A nation-state is the joining of one or many nationalities to create a formal political union, just like the (now) fifty United States of America. If the colonies were not able to unite as one in the beginning, the United States might not exist today, but instead be a continent full of many small countries like Europe. The melting-pot culture that the United States is known for today is because of this union of different cultures under one government. The nation-state, the United States, is formed upon the principles of having a united cause, initially fighting against England in the Revolutionary war as the thirteen colonies. Today, the United States of America relies heavily on being a nation-state, which gives it both political and social fusion of power. matrilineal -
African societies were matrilineal, meaning that a husband would leave his family to join his wife’s family. This greatly shaped the culture of Africa and its people because women had more equality and power. This part of African culture was brought over to the United States as the slaves were shipped in. Matrilineal societies of Africa were important because they shaped the way to equal rights in the future, showing that women could run a society, or part of it. This culture also shows how different the African societies were from the patriarchal societies of Europe.…

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