Essay on Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown

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For those who are religious, the New Testament defines evil as an entity that opposes God and God 's people. Webster Dictionary defines evil as having poor natural qualities; harmful; unpleasant; vicious; corrupt; wicked; hopeless. In religion, evil is an entity that hovers over the dark side of the battle between black and white, while the definition of Webster humanizes evil leading to the gray area of human nature. Nathaniel Hawthorne, in Young Goodman Brown, addresses the definition of evil. He shows us the conflict between how young Goodman Brown sees evil as an entity in contrast to the dark and occasionally haunting reality of human nature.
Nathaniel 's character, Young Goodman Brown, sees the world through religious vision. It shows the perception of young Goodman Brown evil as an entity, revealing to the reader as the physical and social appearance is judged superficially pious and as blameless graces are used to try to gain freedom from the threats of evil. During Halloween, we see children and adults dress up in costumes that build them look wicked, even under the greatest mores is not evil, but our children.
Judeo-Christian religions disguise the human nature in numerous costumes. Several believers have icons taking the place of human nature. Therefore, it 's no surprise that emphasizes the religious definition of tyevil; Young Goodman Brown uses physical and social appearances to judge who he considers good or evil. He sees the traveler with stick like hell…

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