Nat Turner 's Rebellion And Its Effect On The Commonwealth Of Virginia

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The Social Climate Leading to Nat Turner’s Insurrection and its Effect in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Prior to August in the year 1831 in the Commonwealth of Virginia words such as “rebellion” and “insurrection” were taboo amongst the black population, both freed and enslaved, that resided within the area. Several slave owners in the Commonwealth of Virginia attributed this to the overall acceptance of both their living conditions and societal positions in comparison to those of whites. However, during the events of Nat Turner’s insurrection that occurred in August of 1831 these ideas were thrown into a turbulent field of controversy as slave owners watched slaves express their emotions in a volatile fashion. The aftermath of Nat Turner’s insurrection changed the schemas of not only the free and enslaved black population but also the schemas of slave owners and the general white population of the Commonwealth of Virginia. A location where the antique southern style of life had gone virtually unopposed was finding itself in the center of the fight against slavery. Realizing the impact of Nat Turner’s insurrection on the constructs of slavery in the 19th century helps us understand the pivotal role it played in aiding the abolishment of slavery.
In order to understand the changes and implications Nat Turner’s insurrection had in the Commonwealth of Virginia it is imperative that life prior to the event is analyzed. Leading up to 1831, the 1820 Census recorded the approximate…

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