Nasa Space Of Space Exploration Essay

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Imagine traveling to an unknown realm and exploring infinite areas, with the help of space explo-ration the possibilities are endless, a period full of discovery and technological advancements, space exploration starting from 1961 to present day has had a major impact on the human race. Whether be success on the first spacewalk and landing on the moon, or to the untimely destruc-tion of the challenger launch, space exploration has contributed to the history our society has to-day. Though the internal conflict between NASA on whether to send a man on the daring mis-sion was a major concern, the Gemini four mission was the first mission that tested the limits of exploration, physical/mental abilities, and the willingness to succeed, as the mission was the first time an American would enter the cold, dark world that is known as space. The mission left Americans surprised as the mission answered back to the Soviets and ultimately started the NASA space race.
The Gemini 4, the second manned mission set for space in the year 1965, was the first major adventure into space and set in motion future explorations as it was also a time in which America has seen a challenge from the Soviets. (Graham, 24) However, the United States already beaten by the Soviets, NASA placed the first American by the name of Edward White on the spacewalk mission in return as accepting the challenge. The inspirational event lasted around 23 minutes as the news of the walk became an international…

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