Naruto: A Fictional Narrative

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, it belongs to its respectful owner: Masashi Kishimoto. This is a non-profit work, thank-you!

"Sasuke..." Danzo spoke slowly, even he had pity for this clan. "I want you to slaughter every single one of the Uchiha clan, children and all." Je explained without the suttlest of any feeling.

"..." Sasuke didn't even give a second thought. The air shifted and it was colder than ever before, such a beautiful night would be wasted.

He clenched his fist in frustration. "Why in hell would you think I would slaughter my clan because of Konoha's mindless assumptions?!" Sasuke yelled. "DO YOU THINK WE ARE JUST PAWNS TO YOU?!"

"Let me say this again, thousands and thousands of more lives will be lost if you don't do this,
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"Ok class! Today we're having a lesson outside!" Iruka was another average chūnin ninja, although he was next to the only one nice to Naruto.

As usual, Naruto stumbled I the classroom, late as always. His hair was spiked in every direction possible, in fact he still had drool seeping out of his mouth. Naruto wasn't only the worst student but worst dressed on most occasions. Wearing bright colors just to get noticied.

The class followed Iruka outside and he began his lesson.

"Alright, we're going to practice shuriken throwing and aiming." Iruka explained.

"Itachi go first for us to set an example for your classmates."

"ITACHI! ITACHI! ITACHI!" A group of fan girls cheered, much to Naruto's annoyance he was the most popular and talented person in the class. Not to mention he was a notorious ladies boy.

Itachi threw the shurikens and they perfectly stacked up on each other the post. Nothing short of a great example.

"That was a great Itachi, everyone try to follow, next we have-"

"Me! I'm going! I'm gotta beat that little weasel!" Naruto cut off while he ran towards the front of the line.

"Are you kidding me?! Naruto is a loser!" A random kid
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He was almost at Uchiha town when he saw a shadow flicker in the moonlight. He simply shrugged it off and kept walking until he entered Uchiha town.

That day, what he saw, would scar him forever...Itachi looked around and saw blood splatters all over town. Right beside his foot, he saw his aunt lying in a pool of her own blood. At that instant, something inside him shattered.

"Is this what you were talking about Sasuke?!" Itachi ran towards his house, everywhere he looked, all he saw was bloodstains and corpses, he could still even hear, the screams of terror etched in the walls.

Itachi slowly approached his house and slid open the door. Bloodstains were painted across the floor and wall. He ran upstairs and opened the door to his parents room.

"..." Itachi dropped down on his knees tears swelled up in his eyes and fell onto the floorboards.

To his horror, his mother and father lied ontop each other, covered in their own blood. Not one of them lived.

Sasuke appeared on top of their parents' dead bodies. His blood red eyes were luminous.

"Sasuke. did this didn't you?!"

"I made you a promise, Itachi. Isn't this...ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU FUCKING

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