Narratorical Analysis: Falling Out Of Love By Caitlyn Siehl

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Do you ever wonder if the person standing in front of you is the person you fell in love with? Was this ever really love? I remember always feeling so safe encircled in your arms. It was as if I was laying on the beach on a warm day and nothing could harm me or make me feel bad. I felt secure. You don’t wake up one morning cold-blooded, dispassionate, and completely out of love. In her “Falling out of love” by Caitlyn Siehl, she describes that feeling perfectly in a few lines: “It doesn’t happen all at once it happens slowly like flood water rising cautiously… your mother says that you will find your way back to him, but you are not so sure… it happens so slowly you can’t even see it until it is too late..but he tries to convince you that things …show more content…
They would always remind me, “you have your whole life ahead of you”. After being such a big part of my life, how was I supposed adjust to you not being my sidekick. My friends would say “if you guys really love each other and are right for each other, you’ll end up together.” I didn’t want to accept it. I wanted us to be happy and crazy in love again. Although, I knew that what my friends were saying was right. My mom always had a presentiment about us breaking up because she knew the timing was wrong. She told me that if we were meant to be we would be. I soon realized she was right. We can’t force things to work out. I did have the rest of my life ahead of me and college is the time to focus on myself. My perspective on love has changed quite a bit after falling in love and out for the first time. To me our love was one big emotional rollercoaster and eventually I had to slow down and get off. We never got tired of loving each other we just got tired of waiting, hearing lies, hurting each other. Being so far away from each other and bad timing put a heavy weight on our relationship.Our lives became too chaotic, and love required too much effort. We couldn 't find a

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