Who Is The Roller Coaster-Personal Narrative

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Jesus, my sister was really hyperventilating over a stupid little roller coaster. It wasn’t even the biggest ride in the park! “You’re not scared, are you?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer. “No,” She lied while scratching her nose. God, she was a terrible liar. She always itched her nose when she lied. “There’s nothing to be scared about,” I responded. Hoping it would calm her down. Sadly, my words of encouragement didn’t and she began hyperventilating again. Damn, she really was having a panic attack. “Don’t mind her, she’s crazy,” I said to the guy with a questioning look behind us. I hoped my sister wouldn’t bring us anymore unwanted attention. “I don’t think I’m going to get on this ride,” She said as she looked …show more content…
Soon, she began a fit of nervous laughter. “Ha, ha, ha. Did you really think I was serious? I ain’t scared of no roller coaster!” She responded as she scratched her nose again.
“Okay, if you’re are up to it.” I sighed in
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“I bet we’d get a lot of money.” She continued to kid.
A person wearing a theme park shirt came to strap us in. When I realized the employee was Robert, a friend from college, I quietly signaled him to my baby sister.
“Prank her,” I mouthed to him while he checked to make sure I was safely buckled in, my sister was too busy hyperventilating to notice.
“Are you sure this ride is safe?” My little sister asked my friend who was buckling us into the ride. He didn’t answer.
“Are you sure my seat belt is tight enough?” She said a little bit louder. I knew the silence was beginning to make her nervous.
After a few seconds the man turned to us and said, “No hablo inglés.” I had to stop myself from laughing.
After that response, my sister started to cry, kick, and scream.
“Calm down!” I bellowed at her. I wanted to enjoy the ride, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that with her kicking and screaming the whole time. Finally, the rollercoaster started.
“Woo! Let’s get started!” I yelled.
“Let me out! Let me out!” My sister shrieked at the top of her lungs.
A large smile appeared on my face as we neared the top. The whole amusement park could be seen from up here. My hands were up. I was ready. I quickly glanced to my sister who looked very uncomfortable. Did she know that they were going to take a picture of that beautiful face she was making. Eh, probably

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