Narrative Writing : Cot Wetter Essay

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Narrative Writing Assignment

Cot wetter

Childhood experiences stay with us all our lives, even the bad ones. This a honest story from the heart. It’s a tragic story about a budding child (myself) who wet his cot in preschool. This story is one that I shall never let go. The feeling of disappointment I felt that day is a simple scar on my emotional status. Unfortunately I don 't recall any insignificant details, but it was about the middle of the school year in our beloved local Phillipsburg preschool. Mommy once told me “Don 't be afraid to mess up, accidents happen.” I have learned that, that is the only way to live your life. If you are too concerned about your mistakes/accidents instead of how to move on and correcting them. Then you 're doing something wrong, and this story illustrates that point. It all began as an average day in preschool. Making sure to have gotten a proper nutritious breakfast that morning. I started off my school day by saluting my goodbyes to my mother then spiritually greeting my educators. After exchanging some kind dialog with my instructors, I got out a green tub of playdough and called my buddies over. We did what you would suspect young children do, play. But you know as they say, “ it 's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” Fortunately no one got hurt. As you know there 's always that one fellow that decided to eat the playdough because he 's so curious about what it taste like being unaware of the health hazard.…

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