Narrative Within The World Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Stories makes the world go around. Narratives across the world inspire human connection, innovation, and the world as we know it. Stories have never been limited in power; they are teachers of lessons, testaments of the creation of the universe, and vehicles of therapy. Our society, lives through stories. Every sinner and saint who has come before us, lives through stories. To forget the stories passed down from generation to generation, and to neglect to share pieces of history with the world, would have arguably the most harmful effect on any society. The survival of humankind depends on the survival of the narrative. The narrative within the family unit is an undoubtedly beneficial application of the importance of storytelling in society. Inherited stories that are contained in the realm of the family unit, provide a tie to one’s heritage. This tie allows the family member to become apart of a legacy bigger than just their individual self. Storytelling in the culture of the Mohawk Native Americans is exemplary of the importance of tradition within familial boundaries. At the Iroquois Indian Museum, Amanda Tarbell, exposed the class to the oral tradition of Native Americans. The oral tradition gifts life to stories that are generations old. Tarbell testified to the role stories play in teaching young children what is right and wrong in the world. When a Native American child is captivated by a story, it sticks with them. To a child, a story is not so easily forgotten like…

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