Essay on Narrative Time By Janet Gurkin Altman

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In my story, Small World, I create temporal complexity through the emotions of the main character and the dates of the letters written. For example, “I know what I’ve signed up for but its kids like him that break my heart and raise questions about this war were fighting.” (Winmill 1). Dr. Bones writes all of his worries down in his journal. He is very concerned if he is doing the right thing or not or if he should be doing something else. Literary critic, Janet Gurkin Altman, argues about something formally known as “narrative time” in her article, The “Triple Register”: Introduction to Temporal Complexity in the Letter-Novel. Altman argues how what she calls “narrative time” creates a form of temporal complexity in the epistolary writing form. Through the letters written in the epistolary novel, temporal complexity is generated due to the “narrative time” aspect of the triple register. Epistolary analyst, Janet G. Altman argues that there is something known as “narrative time” which measures “the interval between the moment of the event and the moment of writing” (Altman 304). In the narrative, Dr. Bones is searching for information on William Ackerman who he made the promise to in which he could not keep. “I feel like there’s still something I can do to make it right even though he has passed on. Tomorrow I’m going to write his family and explain to the complications and apologize” (Winmill 3-4). Dr. Bones shows that he will begin searching for information in his…

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