Narrative Essay On Dito

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I am going to tell you how Dito and I came together. It isn't fun or exciting or anything, but it's ours and I love the story.

Brick's Bandito, Dito, was the fourth horse I had tried, not many, but if you've ever gone horse shopping for the first time it is kind of discouraging. You think the first horse you try will be the one you end up buying, but that isn't always the case.

The discouraging part was seeing all of the horses that could've maybe worked online, but them being 12k. When I looked for a horse I was searching for a schoolmaster, but a little bit if a challenge. I wanted to have to work for the wins and the first places. Being able to walk into the ring and win everything right there and not really have to try because the horse
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I had tried two horses in PA. One turned out to be more of a challenge than I could handle, but the other was a fairly easy ride and could do it all without me actually riding. Which was not what I wanted. So we kept looking. The next horse was only about an hour away. We had inquired about this horse, but couldn't get a straight answer on whether he had jumped or not. Turns out this horse had never done more than cavalettis, which wasn't what I needed. I was a beginner when it came to jumping and my lease wouldn't do ground poles so I never learned jumping which meant I couldn't teach this horse to jump and learn myself. So we kept looking. My mom and I were online and we found another horse to try. We scheduled to come try, but then my mom found Bandito. To begin with I was hesitant at his age, but I agreed to try.

Finally the day came to try the two horses, who we found out were at the same barn. My dad waited for Dito's old owners in our car, but my mom and I recognized Dito. He was in the first stall. There I had that feeling in my head that 'this was the one' and of course that gut feeling turned out to be right. I had just cuddled with him for a good 15 minutes. Then my mom looked at the horse in the next stall and it was the next horse we were supposed to try that
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He was so calm which my mom liked. He stood very well in the crossties as I brushed him down. I wanted to tack him up and see how he was. He was perfect. When we took him to the indoor arena we had his old owner ride first mainly so my mom, my dad, and I could see what he could do. It was pretty impressive honestly. Next I got on. He was lazy, but I was used to that. And I didn't mind that. While I rode the second horse's owner came down and talked to my mom. She came out to say that the horse that we were there to try would have been great for me. If I had known how to jump so we passed and didn't try the horse, but that didn't really affect me as I was working so well with Dito. I felt like a whole different rider and I love Bandito. One of my other parameters was the horse had to be 15.2+, mainly because I like the taller horses. I don't care much for ponies, honestly.

After we went home that night we talk and talked and decided we were going to buy him. I was overjoyed as any girl would be. I didn't sleep at all that night since I knew that when we were out there next time dad would tell them we were going to buy him. We ended up bringing him home the next Saturday (September 6, 2014) It was the best day of my life and I guarantee I'll have a whole lot of good days to come, but nothing could replace that first ride and bringing him home for the first time.

That is our story. No it's not the extraordinary or amazing

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