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Section 1, Rule VIII of the Rules of Procedure of the Sangguniang Panlungsod on Procedure for Ordinances, Resolutions and other legislative matters provides that “legislative actions of a general and permanent character shall be enacted in the form of ordinances, while those which are ministerial or administrative in nature and of temporary character or matters relating to proprietory functions and to private concern shall be acted upon by resolutions.” Section 4, also states that “Before an ordinance may be finally enacted, it shall undergo three (3) readings,” to wit:

a. – First Reading, which shall consist of the reading by the secretary of the title of the
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The initial public hearing shall be held not earlier than ten (10) days from the sending out of notice, or at the last day of publication, or date of posting thereof whichever is later; During the public hearing to be conducted by the proper Committee, all affected or interested parties shall be accorded an opportunity to appear and present or express their views, comments and recommendations, and such public hearing shall continue until all issues shall have been obtained, whether for or against the enactment of the proposed tax or revenue measure; The Secretary to the Sangguniang Panlungsod shall prepare the minutes of such public hearing and shall attach to the minutes the position papers, memoranda and the like, submitted by those who participated. Exempted from this mandatory public hearing requirement in tax ordinance levying a community tax and providing for the collection thereof; The Committee that held the public hearing shall submit a report of the same to the Body which shall amend, modify, set aside or proceed with the draft ordinance.
c. – Third Reading, at which no debate or amendment shall be allowed, but the title of the proposed ordinance shall be read and the question upon its passage shall be immediately taken. In addition thereto, Section 7 of the said Rule

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