Narrative Point Of View On The Reader Essay

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Narrative point of view can impact the story in different ways. This essay will analyse three stories from the reader and explain why the authors chose different point of views and how their choice impacted the reader. Different narrative points of view affect the reader in different ways, in William Faulkner’s ‘A Rose for Emily’ the effect on the reader is one of surprise horror, in Tim Winton’s ‘A Long, Clear View’ the effect on the reader is one of shock and unease and in Zsuzsi Garner’s ‘The Tragedy of Premature Deaths among Geniuses’ the effect on the reader is one of sympathy. Faulkner chose the point of view of the townspeople to create suspense and shock; Winton also chose the second person point of view to create shock with conflicting identities; and Garner chose first person point of view to view the mentality of the narrator and understand how her mind works.

William Faulkner chose to write from the viewpoint of the townspeople, rather than the viewpoint of the protagonist, Miss Emily in ‘A Rose for Emily’ to create mystery and suspense. Using Miss Emily as the narrator would expose her thoughts and reasoning, revealing the shocking ending before its time. When Miss Emily bought the arsenic, the townspeople thought, or hoped that she would commit suicide. (Faulkner p303) They did not suspect the motive for doing so was murder, despite the fact she gave no inkling to what she wanted it for. “Miss Emily just stared at him, her head tilted back in order to look…

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