Narrative Paradirr The Power To Curbing A Mountain

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Introduction The speech I am critiquing is a sermon that was given at a conference. The person who gave the sermon was Dr. Ray Owens, and the sermon was entitled “The Power to Climb a Mountain”. In his sermon he provided two different contradictory attitudes: the mountain mentality, which is an attitude that embraces challenges, and the Molehill Mentality, which is an attitude that prefers to take the easy way out. Throughout the sermon, Dr. Owens provided different examples and used different techniques to get his message across.
In Dr. Owens’ speech, he provided proof, or backing, to support his theories and statements. An example of this is when Dr. Owens spoke about the education results of African American students. He stated that the education levels of African American students are low not because they are incapable of learning, but simply because they have developed a “Molehill
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Owens’ story was likely to happen. His story did not include contradictory elements. He told a basic story of his experience of riding up a hill, and the struggles he experienced while doing it, and he also explained the joy he experienced riding down the hill. It was his personal experience, which also made the character in this narrative credible. The orders and the details of his story were one of an ordinary experience of riding a bike up and down a hill. The narrative fidelity of the story told in Dr. Owens’ speech was attained by the majority of the audience members. His story was a believable one. Most people have experienced riding a bike, and riding up and down a hill. Therefore, when Dr. Owens shared his story, the audience were receptive and had no problem believing the story. His story also provided values that were applicable to the daily lives of the audience. He related his experience to the audience, and encouraged them to take on an attitude that would help them in the

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