Personal Narrative: What I Learned In High School

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Narrative paper: Paper #4

During my high school years I was a student who was very bright but was always lazy. Ever since my last two years of high school. I had gotten laid back and always looked for an easy way to get an assignment done. I, being an immature-last minute type of student, thought that I could get through my Senior year with bull-shitting assignments and asking friends for answers on quizzes and tests. But my way of accomplishing things soon caught up to me and taught me many lessons. My parents have always pushed me to be the very best that I could be since a young boy. They always made me take advanced courses in school; I liked the challenge. Eventually I got to a point where I didn’t want to do any of my homework or study for anything; that period of time was probably when I had the lowest grades out of all my high school years. All I
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I had grown comfortable with my bad habits of last-minute work and being dishonest with some of my assignments during the first semester but as soon as the second semester started I also started a new chapter in school. I changed my negative aspects of getting my assignments and homework done into positives more and more by the day. Throughout my second semester I learned to be proactive and take initiative in my responsibilities. I began keeping track of all my readings, handing in assignments on time, and not spending much time on social media. I began to discover new strategies and resources to help me produce successful grades. My grades had become a new priority so I set up a simple, but effective outline: Get organized...Plan ahead...Get sleep...Eat right...and Play soccer. My little routine that I had created myself may seem random or unrelated to school and studying, but through experience and trial-and-error, I learned that all of these positive habits are vital to setting yourself up for

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