Narrative On Terrorism Is Going Through A Difficult Period Essay

705 Words Apr 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Narrative on Terrorism Humanity is going through a difficult period. A period that could decide the future of the upcoming generations. In time of fear, people tend to hear screams from one side blaming the Muslims and the other side putting on the blame on the West. The Muslims are as much as at fault as the Western governments are. The relationship of the United States and Europe with terror supporting tyrannical government like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are as much a cover for terrorism as the Muslims who carry the ideology that was established on terror (Bronson). From one side, there are Islamic nations that are in a complete chaos who seem like they still not have not realized that their past must be cleansed up in order for the present and future to be livable. From the other side, Western nations do not see, hear, or speak until a bomb detonates on their doorsteps. An alternative narrative on terrorism is to study Christian-Muslim relation in other part of the world. Growing in Ethiopia, where the equal percentage of the populations practice either Christianity or Islam, I have witnessed custom of tolerance and respect from both side of the religion that resulted in everlasting peace. This is a practice done since the 7th century in most East African nations. As someone that is a product of interfaith Marriage, I have experienced what is that like first hand. Both side of my family understands and accepts that they have many similarities and other time…

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