Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass Essay

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Authors of any piece of literature have a vast arsenal of weapons to use in order to entice readers. Among biggest and most powerful weapons in said arsenal are rhetorical devices; these weapons are capable of aiding the author in his attempt to change his readers. In the autobiography Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass the author, Douglass himself, through the use of adroit allusions to the bible and descript imagery that depicts the absurdity of slavery as an institution. Translating slavery in such a way allowed Douglass to convince his readers during the period to rise up against the practice of slavery. The Bible in the United States during the many years of slavery was omnipresent in the minds of the general population. Douglass knew this as a learned man, allowing him to coax readers through the use of allusion to Bible verses. Such an allusion is when Douglass quotes the story of Daniel when he says “I felt like one who had escaped from a den of hungry lions” (86). This phrase connected Douglass to Daniel in the sense that they both escaped precarious situations unscathed against what would otherwise be ordinary logic. Connecting himself to such a religious figure as Daniel resulted in Douglass to become far more relatable among readers enabling reader to understand the humanity in slaves rather than their material value. Similarly, to the Bible story of Daniel Douglass makes another allusion to the Bible in his description of the evils of slavery.…

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