Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass Essay

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In the first few chapters of ‘Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave,’ he mostly speaks of the horrors that take place on a large plantation. He tells us of the different types of cruelty imposed on the slaves by the many different overseers that passed through the plantation. Early on we learn of how easy it was for slaveholders to make the slaves feel less human, one way was through not letting them know their age. Without knowing simple details of their lives’, slaves were left feeling like animals. Children were taken away from their mothers at a young age, removing the bond that develops as a child grows with their mother.
While reading Douglass’ narrative, he leads you to believe he blames the situation for making slaveholders cruel. He says that the owners are ‘hardened’ by slave ownership. Rather than thinking that these people are just cruel and wicked, he excuses it by saying the circumstances make them this way. Douglass is moved from a large plantation to a household in a different area and is astonished by the change in treatment he receives. But, as time goes on, he notices his new and kind mistress changing with the pressure of owning a slave.
Fredrick Douglass’ new slaveholder, Sophia Auld, is the first person the support his education. She first teaches him the alphabet then goes on to teach him three and four letter words. By doing this, she causes Douglass to crave the ability to read and write. Her teaching is stopped by her…

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