Essay on Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass was a free man who captivated rooms of abolitionist by the power in his voice. He used the power of education he developed within human bondage to obtain his freedom. Douglass was a black male born into slavery in the early eighteen hundreds. He had very minimal knowledge to the extent that he knew little of his parents and date of birth. What he did know about his dark skinned mother, which was taken from him at an early age. The completion of his skin was the product of a white father believed to be his master. There was no advantage being of mixed-race, according to “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” he was born into the same fate of his slave mother. This meant that Douglass was property to his master from birth. The education that Douglass received at such a young age was consumed with bloodshed. One of his first memories was the brutal rape and torture of Aunt Hester a women who took care of him. Throughout the course of his childhood he learned many actions lead to brutal whippings. Douglass expanded on the death of Demby, a slave, in his narrative that left a horrific image amongst the plantation. In Talbot County, Maryland to kill a slave was not a crime, but that of a lesson taught by a slave master. When Douglass was about seven years old he received a first glance at literacy, which provided him the tool to his future freedom.
Douglass had been transferred to Baltimore, which he described in the narrative as the foundation, and…

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