Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Age 15, Malala Yousafzai got on her school bus just like every other day, however today was different. She was shot in the head by a failed assassination attempt by the Taliban. Her crime, speaking out for the lack of education girls received in Pakistan. However, Malala did not let the intimidation and fear get to her, she continued speaking out for these injustices. She used this fear as a motivating force to fight for all the children who had no voice. Similarly, when Douglass is finally broken and thinks he can not continue, he uses this desperation as a motivating force. He realizes that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees. In the autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass, we learn of Douglass’ journey from being a slave to a freeman. The book, published in 1845 at the Anti-Slavery office in Boston, was used as propaganda to convince landowning Northern Men that slavery was wrong. After many obstacles, Douglass is finally able to stand up for himself. He is able to carry himself onwards, determined to do what he needs to do to become free. Although at times slavery nearly caused Douglass to give up, once he realises the strategies the slaveholders use to keep them enslaved and that he has nothing to lose, he turns this into a motivating force to become educated and to stand up for himself.

After months of being tortured mentally and physically by his new slave owner, Douglass can not bare to…

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