Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Growing up, everybody is in search of their own identity, hoping to find their true self-worth. As a slave, you don’t have the option to expand yourself, particularly when it came to comprehending literacy. In the reading, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, by Frederick Douglass, it shows us exactly what can come from a slave wanting to broaden his/her horizon in life. Mr. Douglass definitely had his shares of up’s and down’s, especially when it came to him gaining his own self-worth. Regardless of the mistreatment both mentally and physically, through the use of the master’s tools: fear and abuse, Douglass guides us on how he overcame the hindrance of dehumanization, he and the other slaves faced. Douglass felt in order for him to find his self-worth, he needed to educate himself, breaking away from dehumanizing tools being enforced. Fear is a tactic used by slave owners and overseers in an attempted to keep things in order among the slaves. The tricky thing about fear is, that it can be both delivered and received at the same time. I.e., well a slave is being whipped and beaten for being defiant, the slave owners are also nervous that if he doesn’t break this habit, the other slaves will join and overthrow him. Another tool that is always implemented in the act of wrongful persuasion is abuse. Whether it is mental, physical, or both, slaves encountered it quite often. Many times being degraded as humanly possible, which in the end was the result of the…

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