Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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In Frederick Douglass’ novel Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, he descriptively portrays the tyranny of slavery. He recounts different events that had a profound effect on his journey to freedom. However, the most disturbing of these memories is in the passage where Captain Anthony whips Douglass’ aunt. From this passage, the words “hardened” and “pleasure” are used to depict the horrid scene. Although Douglass describes the great pleasure slaveholders took in the inhumanity of slavery throughout his novel, he expresses that slavery is a cancerous disease that has the ability to corrupt the soul and harden the heart of any man.
In the excerpt from Douglass’ novel he conveys the wickedness of slavery and the effects it leaves on his former slaveholders. He writes, “[Captain Anthony] was a cruel man, hardened by a long life of slaveholding” (Douglass in Heath, 2173). Douglass also states that “no words, no tears, no prayers, from his gory victim seemed to move his iron heart…” (2174). In this statement, he starts to reveal the subhuman qualities slaveholders possess due to their inability to ever be pleased by their gruesome acts of violence. To Douglass’ recollection, the only reason Captain Anthony would ever stop whipping his aunt was due to being “…overcome by fatigue…” (2174). Douglass continues to point out that this was not a new or abnormal occurrence, but rather an everyday aspect of life under Captain Anthony. He…

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