Narrative Of The Life And Adventures Of Henry Bibb Essay

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In May 1815, Mildred Jackson, a slave mother, gave birth to a young boy. This boy, now born a slave, would soon grow to fight through the adversity of racism and enslavement in a quest to achieve freedom and happiness. He would ultimately gain his freedom, get married, become a black activist, and even create Canada’s first black newspaper. Before attaining any of these achievements, he would have to face a seemingly unending amount of setbacks on the path to freedom. This man was Henry Bibb, and his autobiography, Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, chronicles the heartbreaking lows and rapturous highs of his storied life. Bibb begins his narrative by describing his upbringing. Bibb was born in Shelby County, Kentucky to parents Mildred Jackson and James Bibb. Mildred mothered seven slaves, all sons, with Henry being the oldest. Bibb knew very little about his father, and his father died before he knew much about him. At a very young age, Bibb was separated from his mother. He was hired out for labor by his slave master James White, where he would work for various laborers at an eight to ten-year cycle. It was this time during childhood where he learned of his reality, that he was a slave. He details this realization in a quote from the narrative. “It was then my sorrows and sufferings commenced seeing and feeling that I was a wretched slave, compelled to work under the lash without wages, and often without clothes enough to hide my nakedness.” This…

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