Narrative Observation of a Child Essay

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Narrative Account:

Observation started at : 8:00 pm

Mother enters the room with takeaway from KFC and places it on the dining table. Subhaan (3:5) is the first child to approach the table and sit down on the seat. While aunt takes out food from the carrier bags, she asks Subhaan, "Is that your plate?" Subhaan replies "Yeah" and right before the aunt is about to put the food on his plate he immediately says"No, is that mine?. Aunt replies, "Yes" and places his meal on the plate. Subhaan sat on his knees and started bouncing on them as he picked two french fries to eat. While the aunt is emptying the bags, Subhaan stands on his knees and peeks into the carrier bags then sits back down to eat his food. Aunt ignores him as she continues
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Subhaan walks towards the door and waits there for Ayesha but notices ayesha avoid her mothers orders, instead shows off a paper sailboat to her aunt. Aunt smiles and replies, "Thats nice! come on lets go upstairs now." Subhaan watches as ayesha ends her play by bowing down to the audience and says, " Thank you for listening to my song". Subhaan grabs their attention by walking up to his aunt and saying, " I want something from upstairs, come". He then open the door and runs off towards the stairs as his Aunt and Ayesha followed him. Subhaan stopped at the entrance of the room to look upto the light switch but Ayesha pushes him gently to push the button on herself. At the same moment he says, "Put the lights on" and when the light switches on he expresses by saying, "Ahhhh, yes". He then walks towards the end of his bed while Ayesha invites their aunt in bowing down once again to say, " Happy.....umm happy gentlemen and, and ladies. Subhaan stands in the corner and looks at her carefully. At this time the observation came to its end at 8:25 pm.


During the 25 minute observation Subhaan (3:6) showed almost continuous play activity demonstrating his physical development and fine motor skills like a typical child of his age.

For the most part Subhaan was happy playing by himself showing both physical and imaginative skills in solitary play. According to Parten 'Solitary Play' (Hughes, 1991)

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