Narrative: Moving To Vietnam

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Hoai Bui

A marvel of modern engineering and design, V6 engine, front wheel drive, a sleek, black design with a silver trim. My mom’s Lexus RX350 has taken me everywhere. I can still remember the day she bought it. It was like Christmas. I was thrilled to be able to ride in an SUV and we went for a test run. She drove me all around Chanhassen. The car glided across the pavement like an Olympic figure skater on ice, accelerating and decelerating so smoothly, one could hardly feel anything. We drove by every neighborhood and every building in Chanhassen. I had so much fun in my mom’s car.
Whenever I need to go somewhere, nothing is nicer than the warm, black leather seats that recline and support my back like a bed. On cold winter
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I was going on a trip to Vietnam and I thought it would be funny if I convinced him that I’m moving. “Why?!” He exclaimed.
“My green card is going to expire”. A few weeks later, many people started to question me about Vietnam. “I don’t want to talk about it”, I pretended. I didn’t expect everyone to believe me so easily. Apparently, word had spread like a wildfire and everyone thinks I’m getting deported. On my last day before I left, people gathered around me. Their faces blue as they said their goodbyes. I received hugs throughout the day. My phone buzzed with texts from random people saying goodbye. I checked my instagram to find a post saying, “I would like to say a kutschymama farewell to my favorite advisory buddy and Asian ever hoai bui. I wish you the best of luck back in Vietnam and you better tell me if you ever come back to America❤”. I was shocked. This was unreal. My face became green with guilt, but I thought it was hilarious as I played along. I soon forgot about it as I was having fun in Vietnam.
Going back to school after my trip, I recall every goodbye, reliving every moment. I stare at the door to my class for what felt like a million years. I finally mustered enough courage to lift my hand and I turn the

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