Essay on Narrative Format Of The American Psychological Association

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*Due 12 Oct
- Narrative format
- 5-10 pages in length
- etiology, risk factors, treatments, nursing interventions, nursing care related to, and patient teaching
***One of the requirements of the paper is to formulate a research question related to your topic
- You will be presenting. DO NOT just read your paper aloud.
- note cards, power point on your computer, visual aids may be used (poster, pamphlets)
- **This is your opportunity to be an expert, and share that knowledge with your group. Practice, so you’re familiar with the material, and you sound intelligent, and know what you’re talking about.
Manual of the American Psychological Association to review rules for citing references, typing, consistency of font (12 pt), spacing, and margins. Grammar, spelling, neatness, overall professional appearance, and readability will be graded. All sections should be double spaced except for assessment form fill-in-the-blank sections.
DRAFT REVIEW POLICY. *Professor can review, once rough draft complete.
GRADING. Carefully review the grading rubrics provided. You are encouraged to be concise, but papers must be sufficient for the reader to have a good understanding. All papers will be returned at on the due date specified by your instructor.
Points will be deducted for late papers. Instructors will exchange a few papers (randomly selected) to ensure inter-grader reliability.
Include the following…

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