Narrative Fidelity Speech Analysis

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Narrative Fidelity
The concept of fact pertains to the values or main message embedded. In her speech, Nocum urges the youth to have understanding and empathy towards people whose religion is different from theirs. It is necessary to be open-minded and aware to the root causes of conflict so she said that even if one’s individual country’s response to terrorism is war, the responsibility then of the youth is to wage peace.
The concept of relevance tells whether the values embedded are appropriate to the nature of the decision. Nocum’s proposal to wage peace and to use education to help and integrate Muslims will lead to more possibilities of them to have better living conditions and escape the vicious cycle of poverty and oppression. To help
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Moreover, there are private motivations that cannot always be rooted from public justifications. It is possible for people to do things that are morally questionable that when called to account, they tend to excuse or justify rather than explain. According to terrorism scholar John Horgan, “The most valuable interviews I’ve conducted [with former terrorists] have been ones in which the interviewees conceded, ‘To be honest, I don’t really know,’” he writes. “Motivation is a very complicated issue. To explain why any of us does anything is a challenge.” The more important question to ask then is not “why” these terrorists resort to violence but rather “how” and “where” it started. This approach can be used to the prevention of possible recruits.
Although there is narrative fidelity in the speech, it is still up to the audience if the speech or the story makes sense (narrative probability). There might be differing opinions about what approach to use to combat terrorism and extremism (reactive solution), but education and integration can prevent terrorism. As a preemptive solution, people should not discriminate and blame all the Muslims for the sins of others. People should strive developing and maintaining an inclusive environment because these actions prove that different religions can peacefully

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