Narrative Experience In Ethiopia

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It was 1997(2005) in Ethiopia, and I was about 9 or 10 at time, still naive to the world at large. It began as a typical school day, but then as my classmates and I were on our lunch break, we started to hear a man shout “Taxi, taxi, taxi!” just outside of our school. It seemed peculiar to us as to why that strange man was shouting. To the students and faculty in my school building, this man seemed deranged. One of my friends joked “we should probably go back to class before we end up like this Guy.” Suddenly, another dozen people were running in the man’s direction shouting “leave the city.” As my classmates and I we were assessing the situation, we heard loud bangs similar to the AK 47s that police and military personnel were issued in Ethiopia. One of my close friends at the time suggested that we should all start running toward the main business office right across from our school, though we soon realized that would’ve been a bad idea since my school was protected by guards. So we waited. After the longest 3 minutes of my life, my school began releasing students. Once again we all heard loud pops. Everyone in Ethiopia knew that it was a month of …show more content…
We got on even though it was full and we had to sit on top of each other. The people that would normally be complaining were silent with their eyes spread wide, praying for the moment when they arrive home. The taxi driver was driving recklessly; swerving in and out of lanes with 9 people inside. When we finally arrived home and discovered that my father was nowhere to be found, we waited for three hours to hear from him. After apprehensively waiting, we were notified by a co-worker of my father’s that he had left his office around five hours ago. We were worried that he might have been shot by one of the police because he advocated the opposition of the government, fortunately after another long two hours he came

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