Narrative Experience In Elementary School

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Elementary school is a time where lunches are extra sticky with applesauce, classrooms are chock-full with horseplay and petty fights, and physical education is filled with pants less children? Magnolia Park Elementary School was the place that I called home from grades one through four. Every day was filled with complete excitement being that I had two of my very best friends – Julie and Rachel – in my homeroom class. Julie, Rachel, and I were like peas and carrots; we went to language arts, math, the restroom, and even recess connected at the hip. There was an equilibrium when we had all three pieces of the puzzle. I preferred for us to be called the tripod, but there was not a unanimous vote on that name for the group, suggestions ranging …show more content…
Julie is separated from me in the midst of the collaboration of the teams, but I am confident for I had just acquired one of the red team’s flags. I run as fast is my petite legs will allow me to back to the blue side. I somehow made three successful trips crosswise and back, without having the opposing team’s flag taken away from me. The red team’s score was 17, while my team had 18. Our crew needed two more points in order to win the game, so the competitiveness of the students was at its peak. Carlos, a fellow classmate, darted across the field towards the enemy’s side; I mimicked his actions. As I was sprinting, everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I could feel the breeze beating against my face, and my heart thumping in my esophagus. The tip of my tennis shoe pierced the grass causing me be launched forward- I also twisted my ankle in the process. Falling in slow motion, my stomach and face simultaneously smacked the ground making an alarmingly hollow sound. The impact caused my mouth to be filled with cold, gritty dirt and dewy grass. I also noticed a peculiar breeze on my backside, as if I were wearing a skirt. I soon came to realize my skinny jeans had slid down exposing my chocolate behind. I laid on the ground with a dirt- filled mouth murmuring to myself, “this can’t be happening to me.” After an extensive period of hesitation, I slowly looked up to a small group of silent students standing in awe. It seemed as if I had made eye contact with every individual standing around me. I was not surprised by their reaction, as I did resemble a roasted pig with and apple in its mouth, but this “apple” was dirt. The silence around me was broken when an unidentified voice sang, “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” The students standing around me began to laugh hysterically; I was obviously humiliated and virtually helpless, but within the same instance Julie parted the sea of children

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