Narrative Essay - a Scary Experience

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Have you ever been scared? So scared that you felt that your heart might stop any moment. A feeling so intense that you wished that you never have to experience it again. I am not someone who possesses a weak heart. I have always considered myself a brave and calm individual. But I guess there is a point in life when even the bravest of hearts are tested to their limits. This is no different.
It was May 3rd, 2007 just another day. I had classes in the morning. As it was a Thursday, I stayed back and spent some time with my friends after school. We had chicken broast for lunch at Helvatia and then we left to our respective homes. It was early summer. So I went to sleep after a shower and didn’t wake up till 9 p.m. My Parents were leaving
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When I went inside , I found her lying on her bed talking to her friend loudly as usual. And she looked at me with a question in her eyes.

I asked her in a loud voice,”Esha apu! Why did you knock so hard on my door? What do you want? This isn’t funny you know”. She told her friend to hold for a second and asked me what I was talking about. When I told her again she replied angrily that she was talking with friend all the time and didn’t even get up from her bed. I obviously didn’t believe her and asked her to stay away. She then gave me the phone and her friend confirmed she was talking with her.

I left without prolonging the argument shutting the door loudly. And I went back to watch my movie. Then it happened again after half an hour. First a gentle knock and then followed by loud and hard knocks on my door. This time I almost ran towards the door determined to catch Esha apu on the act but found no one outside again. But I didn’t waste my time standing there. I kept on running towards Esha apu’s room and found her again lying on her bed still talking to her friend. After another heated discussion Esha Apu decided to follow me back to my room and talk there on phone. She said, “Navila! Obviously you are not believing me when I am telling you I have not left my room or my bed. So I am going to your room now so you can’t blame me anymore.” I

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