Write Me A Story Darling-Personal Narrative

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“Write me a story darling”.
At age 5, I was sprung into a swirl of madness by my mother. My mother was the type of woman to not only make me read to her, but to also showcase all other areas of creativity with her especially writing stories. I was able to express myself freely in unique ways until the days of my eighth autumn came along: third grade. School incorporated the notion of conformity into my head. Ever since then, my writing has been full of obstacles and different styles. My creativity has been colliding with the limits and restrictions of society. Sometimes, I can’t even think with my own mind because I’m too busy thinking about what and how everyone else is writing, how to appease my teacher, or the procedures of writing.
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However, I believe I am an ok writer nowadays. I am able to express myself more than I had before. In my first artifact, I wrote about the relationship between children with autism and Children Succeed games. My stance was that games for autistic children do actually help but I couldn’t write with my own flow because of a set of instructions and rules that were to be followed. Although I was able to lay down a few of my ideas, my mind was more set on appeasing my teacher. I’ve always had trouble with following rules and not following rules. In my second artifact, I communicated my stance on why emotional strength plays a bigger role than physical strength in the story we were given. I was able to recite my own ideas instead of what others would normally say. I hate how I think so much about trying to match with other people’s thoughts. I’m a work in progress, but I dare say I’m getting better. In my third artifact, I expressed myself even more by opening myself up to saying a few sweet things I thought I would never say because it may be deemed “too sweet” through society’s eyes. I never did like to talk about my emotions. Although these writing assignments had procedures in place to follow, I’ve been able to articulate my thoughts slowly but nicely; my voice gradually climbed. Communicating your own voice or take on things can be scary, but it can also be worth …show more content…
Maybe I’ll write better versions of stories about mythical dragons and trolls. I am ready for what comes because I do believe I’ve made a huge improvement, and hopefully I am still continuing to improve. There’s a lot to look forward to with your own writing after high school because that’s when the five-paragraph structures won’t apply anymore. For me, it’s going to be like releasing my mind from prison because I don’t have to be so harsh on myself about following rules anymore. My writing style today has an identity that is taking effect; my thoughts and ideas will impact my surroundings a little more. There are things that should be voiced out instead of being bottled in. It’s important to be creative but to also be literate because it’s a fulfilling feeling to be

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