A Room: A Short Story

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The vague smell of spew and chemicals linger in the air. Flowers sitting on the side table. Trying to fight it. The room feels cold and has a slight spooky feeling to it, almost like someone has passed away recently in this room. The room has strips of sun shadowing through the gaps from the cheap blinds, which are hanging from the graffitied window frame. Medical machines are placed around the perimeter of the room. Just the single bed situated in the centre. The beeps of the machines are echoing in my head. The sound of Emily's deep breathing, from the tubes stuck down her throat and nose, are making it challenging for her to breathe.

It is my best friend lying there peacefully in the bed. She has a beanie on, covering her bald head. Her eyelids are gently
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Suddenly it gets worse. She can’t stop coughing. It sounds blocked, phlegm clogging like an ordinary cold cough. A heaving sound started. Emily can’t breathe. What do I do?

"Someone help!" I yelled.

My eyes are pouring out with tears, ending on the tip of my lips. I can feel them starting to crust. Another one came reaching down into my mouth. The taste of salt hit my mouth. Instantly reminding me of her passion, surfing. I am being shoved out of the way. Getting told to get out and wait outside. Memories are flashing about in my head like a flash light. This is Emily's time. Maybe the doctor is wrong, she had less than 1 week to live. Her life is coming to an end. I have to be with her when it did. I know how much she dislikes hospitals.

"Are you alright honey?" questions mum.

Mum had come to drop food off for me. She has seen that I have been balling my eyes out. She came straight over and gives me a big hug.

"Is it happening?" she asked.

I just look at her. My facial expressions must have given her the answer she wanted. She didn't say anything, but hugs me tighter. Hours went by, waiting and waiting. Eventually the doctors came

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