Narrative Essay: The Half-Day Of My School Day

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It had been raining all morning and I was running around to get ready for school and my dad was in the other room, packing his bags for Goa. My mother was going to drop him off at the airport on her way to work. Protected by my raincoat and armed with my umbrella, I set off for school.

There weren't a lot of people at school, so we didn't do too much work. A few periods into the school day and there was an announcement on the intercom, declaring it a half day. We were too excited to listen to the reason behind the half day. We quickly gathered together our pencils, erasers, notebooks and our snack boxes and shoved them haphazardly into our bags. we were handed over by our class teacher to our respective guardians.

My maid was waiting outside
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I wolfed down my lunch and then decided to call up my mother to tell her the exciting news. I tried several times, but the telephone lines were busy. She had apparently had been trying to get in touch with me because she had heard that my school had shut down early.

She did not have good news to give me. Apparently, the whole airport area was flooded already, transport had come to a standstill and all mobile networks had been jammed. She told me that she had been trying to catch a ride home, since an hour earlier but no taxi would take the risk of getting stranded in between.

I went to my room to finish up my homework and reward myself with some cartoons on television but I felt listless. I stared out the window and prayed for it to stop raining but it didn't seem like it was going to stop anytime soon. I walked around the house bored out of my wits, waiting for my mother to call and confirm whether or not she would be coming
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She had called to check on me. She told me that the whole runway was flooded and so was the area around it. All the passengers and staff had to be moved to higher floors. To make matters worse, the lights had gone off and there wasn't a scrap of food to be found in the whole airport.

Meanwhile at home, I was still baffled as to how the rain could be so bad at the airport, whereas the water barely grazed my ankle in my area. I switched on the television to watch the coverage of the situation on the news channels, when we were suddenly interrupted by a loud clap of thunder and crack of lightening. Out of sheer fright, that the lightening would strike the TV, I quickly switched it off and started my endless wandering around the house again. Never have I missed my mom so much as on that day.

My father in the meantime, was safe and sound in Goa as his flight had left Mumbai barely half and hour before the cloud burst occurred. He asked several of his friends if they could help get my mom home to me, but everyone was stranded in some part of the city or other, trying to find their own way

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