Narrative Essay: The Day I Left Home?

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The day I left home was not supposed to be the end of the chapter for that part of my life. The day of adventure and laughter it was supposed to be turned into months of battling anger and hatred as black as night. I found out in that short amount of time that the devil doesn’t have a villainous facade, but has a beautiful face and honeyed words. My best friend, Abby, was that villain and over the course of a week, everything I knew and held dear was systematically destroyed by her. Sometimes your life ends in ways that you never saw coming, and sometimes you fall so unbelievable fast it still leaves you breathless months later.
The day was September 6th when I unknowably changed my life for both the better and worse. I woke up like any other
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I had a love-hate relationship with my job, as I usually dreaded going in. Having to plaster on a fake smile and had to pretend that I cared what happened to people money had been killing me on the inside for months at that point. This particular night, though, was a one of delight as I had an early start that night. It meant I would be in Pit 5 on Crazy Four Poker with some of my favorite regulars I had become friendly with in the course of two years I had worked there. The last night at work was a memorable one, my smiles were genuine, the laughter was borderline inappropriate for a dealer, and the tips were coming in heavily. I was tapped about 11 o’clock at night, off fairly early for a dealer on Labor Day weekend and I was off. My players begged for me to stay, but Alas I told them vacation was calling. I thanked them and told them I couldn’t believe how great that day was going, as I couldn’t remember the last time my face hurt from so much …show more content…
Those days I’m so tempted at destroying her world as much as she destroyed my own. It seems like every day I’m waking up to a new life, waking up from all those lies and having to shake them off and go about with my life. Some days it seems impossible, and it would be if it wasn’t for my boyfriend helping me through those days. I know that this was for the best, as I’m stronger than I ever thought possible. I won’t ever forgive them, and I won’t let go of what they’ve done to me but I now know the best revenge will be by succeeding in my

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