Personal Narrative-The Perfect Pureblood Girl

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You were born into the most privileged of lives. A daughter of two wealthy Purebloods. You were their first child and, unless a boy came along, you would be their heir. It was your duty to be everything they needed from their child, to bring honor to your family name and to be the perfect Pureblood girl. That meant that you did as you were told without question, you never so much as looked at someone who was not Pure and you most certainly never let the outside world see a single flaw.
At home you could be yourself, you could play and laugh and do all those things you wanted to do. But outside? No, you had to be a perfect porcelain doll. Actually you were okay with that at first, it was just a game. Put on a mask and pretend to be someone else,
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There was no doubt, no point in questioning which House you would be placed in. The Sorting Hat barely touched your head before it declared you to be a Slytherin. You smirked and walked with confidence, joining your House table. Of course they knew who you were, how could they not? You were a Black and that meant a lot.

You were intelligent, there was no denying that. You had a talent for magic, for dueling in particular. You joined the dueling club and that level of fearlessness that you possessed was enough to take you far. You walked those hallways with confidence, your head held high and the feeling that the people around you should be bowing down because damn it you were wizarding royalty. You were powerful and fierce and you were fire. Didn 't those idiots realise that?

There is no genius without madness. That was you in a nutshell. Yes you were talented but you were not entirely sane. For a long time you could hide it, you could put up a mask and not let it show that beneath it all you weren 't quite like everyone else. But after a while that mask began to break. You got in trouble for cursing other students, for being cruel without reason. You were punished and letters were sent home but you could always talk your way out of things with your parents. The students you had hurt were Mudbloods and Blood Traitors. So they forgave you and only asked that you at least attempt to not get

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