Narrative Essay Summary: The Migrant Mother

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The Migrant Mother looks as if she is suffering. She is a mother of three little kids, and she knows that it is not easy to be living like this. The mother is trying to figure out if she could find food for the little ones, find shelter so they could be safe, and make money to buy necessities.
The mother of three is on her own and the most important thing right now is trying to find food, so she is living in the middle of nowhere, so finding food is something that really cannot be easy for her, you need to go out and try to keep looking for it which I'm sure she has been doing. She can travel anywhere, to a field and find some fresh food, but looks like she will have to walk a long way to find be able to find a field that has vegetables. Also, there are animals probably around but the thing that could be hard is cooking it; She doesn't have anything to heat up the meat or anything, so she will have to feed the kids with no hot meals, everything is served raw. The mother is trying her hardest to feed her kids with anything she could find because she
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The mother seems to have a place, but it is in the back of a truck that does not have wheels anymore, and she made this place just so she and the kids can have a place to stay in, but the thing is that it can't possibly be safe. I assume that there are animals roaming around and I'm not thinking about small ones or there could be dangerous people walking around; this is the only thing that she has so she must be thinking about the dangers of where she is at right now. She cannot relocate because that is a difficult task, she will have to walk just to find a place to be at and the walls could be too long for the kids that she might have to stop once in awhile. The journey to find a better place could be on her mind always, but she might be thinking about how hard it can be and if it is possible to find a better place to be

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