Rio-Personal Narrative

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Rio, home of the pulchritudinous forest and flavorful food. I had never spent my vacation on such a remote, peaceful, and beautiful island. The live band that played every night on the beach was phenomenal. The food had an astounding taste. I could hear the birds chirping in the morning and the dolphins whistling in the night. The feel of the breeze through my room window at night, made everything feel so magical. There was always something fun to. The banana boat rides, the hang gliding rides, the parasailing rides were all fun not to mention the other rides they had as well. The last day I made sure I went and got me a massage. A friend once told me they were to die for. There was always something to do; whether fun, relaxing, peaceful; every activity and every event was a marvels experience. I never knew how beautiful Rio was or that it had such a peaceful Orah to the atmosphere. Every night the band …show more content…
It was the best alarm clock to wake up to. The rest I get at home doesn’t compare to the rest I get here. I knew that at some point all the peace and tranquility was going to end. I wanted to take advantage of the orah and the environment while I was there. Later, that day I went parasailing with some friends I had met leaving the restaurant the night before. We flew from the top of the board walk to ten miles along the beach. The breeze felt so good. I wanted to go again except the lines were so long, we decided to go to the next activity which was the banana boat ride. Our driver, Julio, took us to the middle of the ocean, the view just phenomenal. On the way back to shore, a dolphin jumped over our heads from one side of us to the next side and back into the water. Everything felt like slow motion. I could examine the dolphin in full detail. I could see the dolphins light grey eyes and could I even see the dolphins scar it had on the left side of its tail. I had never been so close to see a dolphin so

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