Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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After so many years past and so many persuasion, confessing, serenading, persistence, every little romantic thing and his ever endearing grin I finally gave in to him. Lucien was right he wasn 't going to give up on a guy like me which made me feel loved for the first time in my life, he wasn 't what I thought he was. Lucien was sweet, goofy a pizza lover and just so persistent about trying to woo me and now he finally has. His arm draped over my shoulder so comforting as I felt the soft lips of his on my head as I leaned my head on his shoulder. He turned out to be someone I can actually trust and confide into he didn 't leave me for another or even left me in a couple of months. He stayed for these years with me and never gave up and pulled through to break the barrier I had for myself I didn 't want to get hurt...but.. I look up to see his red purplish eyes staring into the tv but then glance down noticing me looking at him and his same old grinning smile look down at me.

"Hey babe what are you looking at? Are you looking at how hot I am I know ha..I 'm great." I laugh as I bonk his nose with a fist but playfully as I shove him off making him laugh with me.

"Oh whatever your so full of yourself I swear." I shook my head as I crossed my legs on the couch as I shaked my hair with my hand through it. I took a peek from under my hair watching him looking at me with a happy content smile and his eyes sparkling. "Haha what are you looking at creep."

"Heh..nothing just glad…

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