Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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I wrapped my arms around his neck, trying to pull him closer, wanting to be as close as possible. His lips felt perfect. But this was my best friend. Pushing away the thought, I kissed back harder, before realising that I needed to breathe. I pulled away, staring into his eyes.
"I think I like you too" I agreed. He chuckled. Blake hugged me.
"Can we try this?" He questioned. I smiled.
"I don 't see why not" I laughed, putting my head on his shoulder.
We woke up early the next morning to go shopping.
"What if someone sees me?" I asked, worried. I was standing in a cubicle trying on a turquoise skirt and white top and Blake wanted to see what it looked like.
"Open the door and let me come in, okay?" He said in a soothing voice. I quickly opened the door, making sure that no one saw me. Blake quickly walked in and closed the door. He looked at me before smiling.
"You look fine, pumpkin" he said, affectionately nuzzling his head into my shoulder and neck. I turned my head and kissed his forehead before pulling away.
"Okay! Now get out" I teased.
"Fine" he sighed, walking out of the cubicle as I went to get changed back into my normal clothes. I walked out and saw Blake waiting for me. I held the skirt and top in my arms, slightly embarrassed from the looks I was getting. Blake came and took the clothes and held my hand in the other. The lady at the cashier took one look at us before scoffing.
"That skirt for you?" She insulted in a rude tone, looking at me as Blake got…

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