Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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Dry, warm but still heavy. Lucy remembered going back into the room, but not laying on the bed. Not falling asleep. “Luce...Luce! Come on. Foods ready.” The voice made her jump, and jolt awake. She knew who it was without opening her eyes. Her lazy body made no rush to move. A whisper in the back of her mind told her that if she laid still enough she could convince him she was in a coma, and that waking her was a fruitless endeavor. “Com’mon Luccee!” Warm hands grabbed her shoulders and started to shake her. She shifted in place and rocked the hands away. She rolled onto her side and begged her mind to cling to sleep. Her stomach whined up at her and woke her enough to feel the emptiness. Continuing her nap didn’t seem to be an option, so she relented and allowed food to become her second best option. She rolled over and stretched her legs before lifting her eyes. Her vision was blurry, and it took fluttering lids to clean away the fog. When it came into focus the old green bedspread made her tense for a moment, making her eyes flash up and look around and wake up. The inn...that’s right. That’s why she was so hungry and tired. Her shoulders felt tight and her legs were heavy even before she made any real attempt to move them. She forced her arm to press into the mattress, and heave her iron body into something of a sitting position. She brought her hands to her eyes. Her eyes closed again.
There was a ache setting into her eyes that would be dulled when she…

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