Personal Narrative-The Real Chumash Casino

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Walking through the slot machines while two men, one short other one tall, wearing black suits were following me. I look at all the people around me, all playing with slot machines without looking around them. It’s not so bad for me, at least I won’t feel ashamed because no one is actually looking to see what is going on. As I get closer and close to the main entrance of Chumash Casino, I look at the rose gold pink marble walls that gave the casino a royal look.. I looked at the two security guards that were waiting at the front door, both looking at me with the look of “So you thought you can get through with this?” I decided to stop by the coffee shop to get a coffee; my head was killing me. All that smoke and sound inside the casino really …show more content…
Today it has 2,000 slot machines, dozens of Table games, Bingo, Poker, and even live entertainment. As we got into the main floor, my parents sat on the first slot machine they saw with the red neon color around the screen. I looked at them, putting the twenty-dollar bill in the machine and saying, “Let’s win big today.” I stand next to them and start analyzing their actions. They both were smiling, looking at the screen and pushing the spin bottom continually. My dad actually won in the first few minutes. He made his twenty, forty. But the fact that I find some fascinating is that the more money you win the harder it gets for you to stand up and stop playing. I see my dad’s money start to get lower and lower, but he wouldn’t stop playing. “Dad you’r losing all of your money, why won’t you stop?” he didn’t even look at me, “I will let’s just spin it one more time.” That one more time was a win, and then another win, it’s like the machines have a brain and figure out when do you want to leave so they will give you a dollar win so you won’t leave. But maybe he was actually on luck he made his money to fifty dollars and then he decided to change his machine. I looked at my mom, she had seven dollars left, she also stopped playing and decided to change her machine. She began playing with another machine and she lost all her seven dollars. As she reached her small brown purse to get another twenty dollar bill out, I look at her and ask, “Why do you think people still come to casinos even thought they mostly always lose?” she smiles at me and while she is hitting the spin bottom she says, “well first, it is very fun to play, second, I guess the hope of winning is the reason I believe. At least for me.” “Hope of winning?” that is an interesting way of seeing it. So all these people come back in the hope of winning, that’s why mostly always the slot machines at the entrance will make you win,

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