Personal Narrative: The Pilgrimage

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The Pilgrimage

Have you ever been on a road trip? If so, you probably have traveled with some interesting people. Those people might have been your friends, family, or maybe even a complete stranger! Regardless of who you traveled with or where you were traveling to, there is usually someone or some people that are a ton more fun to travel with. Or those people are just people you want with you because they make you more comfortable or help you out better than anyone else ever could. Going on a long journey can be tough, but with Rachael Ray, Lebron James, and Tom Brady, my pilgrimage would be ideal. Rachael Ray is a phenomenal cook, therefore she would be the first person I picked to take on my pilgrimage. I mean if you just take a minute
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I think that Lebron would bring a sense of humor and leadership to the group. Lebron James has proven over and over again that he can lead teams to championships. He is a phenomenal leader and makes the people around him better, he is what you would call a lifter. He is somebody that you definitely want on your team. To go along with his leadership qualities, Lebron is quite the character. When you see Lebron on TV he is always joking around with other teammates or just having fun with them, and that is just how people around the league talk about him. So I think that he would be great to have on a long journey because he would lighten the mood in the group while maintaining his leadership …show more content…
I think that Tom would be a great companion on a long journey. Tom, just like Lebron, has phenomenal leadership qualities. Tom Brady has won four lombardi trophies and might win a fifth this year. Tom is an excellent leader, he could have led the mighty army of three-hundred spartans into the persian army. I’m telling you, Brady is the real deal. Unlike Lebron, Tom is more of serious person. You won’t see him laughing and smiling most of the time. He will be all business all the time, and I really admire that about him. He has an unshakable confidence that rubs off on the subjects around him and it makes everybody feel like they’re going to win. He makes people winners, and that is the definition of a great leader. I really think that Lebron would compliment Tom perfectly. I think they could almost “Co-Captain” the expedition, and it would all work out perfectly.
To conclude, I definitely think that the three people mentioned above would be the perfect candidates to take on a pilgrimage with me. They are all loyal people who will do what is best for the group no matter what. Which is something that is almost mandatory in a situation like this. You want people in the group that will sacrifice and always see the bigger picture. People who will look outside the box to better the

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