Military Deployment Essay

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The New Zealand Army!? What the heck is that? That was my initial thought when I was told that I would be deploying to Afghanistan to manage a property book of equipment that was being utilized by the New Zealand Army. Let me take you back on the events that transpired that led me to this deployment. 25 July 2011, I signed into Ft Riley, Kansas. HHC Company, Combat Aviation Brigade, First Infantry Division. I was in the S2 shop as the Terrain NCOIC. I was enjoying my time there in my position and getting to know my Soldiers and section. Then I get a call from the Division HQ. MSG Snyder, he told me that he got me pulled from the CAB to go work at division as the Terrain NCOIC in the Intelligence and Sustainment Company, G2, GEOINT cell.
My initial thought was “man I don’t want to go there”. But ultimately there was nothing I could do about my new assignment. 07 November
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My wife was currently employed at a Child Development Center on Fort Riley. It was raining and she was on her way to work when she lost control of our vehicle skidded off the road and rolled our vehicle over on its top. She was immediately taken to the hospital from the scene of the accident. She was hospitalized for two days and released after a few tests. Two days later around midnight we received a call from Irwin Army Community Hospital stating that the protein in my wife’s urine was too high and that they feared that she had preeclampsia and needed to be hospitalized immediately. We drove to the hospital and she was admitted upon arrival. They stated that they could not treat woman with preeclampsia and that they needed to airlift her to Stormont Vail located in Topeka, Kansas. I had to extend my leave for two more weeks and during that time I was told that I would not be moving forward with my team. I was told to handle my personal issues and let my unit know when everything was good and they would deploy

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