How To Write An Essay On Are We Going To The Wave Pool

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By Cameron Fennell 6th hour The Lost Uncle

Bryan I said, “Are we going to the wave pool with Jacob?” Yeah Bryan (which is my uncle) said. Yes I screamed on the top of my lungs. After celebrating over only me, Bryan, and Jacob going to the awesome wave pool, we started walking to the ginormous pool. When we were halfway there, me and Jacob started running to the wave pool while my uncle Bryan was walking. When we got there, me and Jacob started running
Into the pool and we separated and went our own ways. I started to swim underwater as far as I could hold my breath. After a while everyone heard a loud beep and started to get ready for the monster waves to come in. After the beeping stopped, the waves started coming in and almost everyone started going to the far end of the giant pool. I started freaking out over the big waves because i've never seen waves as big as the ones coming at me. As the waves were coming, I started moving forward while jumping over the waves, until I heard a lifeguard scream “Get behind the line!”
She scared the living out of me, so I
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I was thinking for a minute, “Why did she have to yell so loud at me for such a bad reason”. After I the waves stopped after about 3 minutes, I started getting bored of swimming because one of the only reasons I want to swim is because of the giant waves. So I got out of the flat pool and ran to my uncle Bryan and asked him, “Can we go because i'm getting bored of swimming” he said it was up to Jacob. So I ran into the pool and swam to Jacob and asked him and he said yes, so we both got out of the giant pool and started getting dried off. My uncle Bryan got up from the beach chair and was already dry. As we started walking out, I noticed something was missing, I thought for a moment, “What could I be missing” my shirt I whispered very quietly. I

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