Narrative Essay On The Inside Class

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The anticipation for the Inside-Out class has been building all summer. When I mentioned to people that I would be having class with inmates, their facial expressions spoke volumes. Some would express curiosity about what we would be studying and it all would work. Others expressed concern about safety and what kind of inmates would be involved. I didn’t know a lot about the program before signing up for class, so I did my own research. I found that is was started at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Lori Pompa. The program was established to bring together college student and incarcerated men and women to explore and learn about issues of crime, justice, inequality, and other issues of social concern all behind prison walls. …show more content…
It might be odd to compare one of the happiest places on earth to a medium level correctional center, but that is the best way to explain how I was feeling during the ride to Joseph Harp. I was filled with both nervous and excited energy. Those nervous feelings were overshadowed once I met up with the rest of the outside class. We all were excited to meet the inside students.
Once I got passed my nervousness class was amazing. At one point during class I forgot I was in a prison surrounded my inmates. The group of guys that make up the inside class seem like a bunch a great guys who made some bad decisions in life but are trying to turn their situation into to something positive. We laughed and had some great icebreaker conversations. Professor Burns was right; we would get caught up in conversation to the point we would not want to
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Both the inside students and outside students had similar questions about assignments. We are required to do the same reading and writing. The difference is the obstacles they have to go through to write their paper. As outside students we have access to computers whenever we want. We can type our paper as we please and look at different articles to help. As an inside student they have to get permission to use the computer. They might not be able to use the computer and must handwrite their assignment.
I am excited about this semester and what this class has to offer. I know the class discussions are going to be informative and passionate. My goal is to walk into every class session with an open mind, and not with a preconceive notions about the material. I hope I can learn more about the criminal justice system from someone who has experienced it from a different point of view. I am ready to take what I learn from this class and apply that knowledge to my future

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