Descriptive Essay: Texas Building Of Memorial High School

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As summer came to pass underclassmen dragged there slowly yet surely feet right into the two story Texas building of Memorial high school.
“Finally the beginning of the end!” I said in a voice of excitement as I happily walked into my last year of high school. Reminiscing on how I survived those dreaded past years of public speaking I realized that all my classes were a breeze and felt as if I was walking on clouds. Not a care in the living world came to mind as I walked into my final class with my fashionable clothes and dazzling new designer watch. As I was getting comfortably adjusted in my seat I began to look around and noticed that all the students were dressed differently. Unfamiliar than what I was clothed in. All the students had
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Within a minute of standing in the front of everyone I felt short of breath as dizziness overcame my cold sweated forehead. Nervousness filled my mind and had somehow gone to my stomach as I felt acidic liquids rumbling up my throat. As sweat from my palms drenched my paper I took a step back and suddenly everything I had eaten for lunch ended up on Mr. Medina’s carpet floor. Tears streamed down my face as I darted out the classroom to the counselor’s office to get a schedule change. I couldn’t bare the pressure of public speaking especially public embarrassment. That moment of my life made me have a drive to prove myself after all these years of anxiety of public speaking. I stood up wiped my tears, shrugged my shoulders back and made a decision. I wasn’t going to change my schedule but I was going to show my narcissistic teacher what I was made of. Day after day I spoke, read, and even sung my speech. Days turned into months of vigorous practicing and dedication toward this one speech. I was deeply dedicated to proving my teacher wrong that I even turned down my homecoming date just to practice and prove that I can properly present my speech. Just a day before competition, while in my Academic Decathlon class, Mr. Medina announced “Class I hope you have

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