Narrative Essay On The Camping Cat

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The Camping Cat
I woke up bright and early I couldn’t wait to go camping in Ventura. Me and my brothers (Samuel and Misa) packed our clothes and put on our shoes. We took our clothes and put it in the Blue Trail Blazer. My brothers sat in the back and I sat up front. As usual my mom called my aunt Rhonda and told her we are on our way. We stopped at Kum & Go we got drinks and some breakfast pizza. It was a long drive especially since my brothers were fighting, I tried sleeping it didn’t help so I put the radio on.

After a while my brothers went to sleep”thank goodness they finally went to sleep” I told my mom. I remembered waking up and seeing the campground there was a large lake surrounded by trees also with a bunch of other campers. I looked around to see if I can my aunt, after two minutes of searching I saw her outside putting the tents up. My mom parked the car and got out I grabbed my clothes and went to my aunt and gave her a hug. I
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I got up, got dressed and went outside my Aunt made bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausage. I said to everyone, “good morning” with a smile on my face. We finished eating and went to play, I played soccer with my brother Samuel while my little brother Misa went to go catch frogs and toads. In the afternoon around 2:00 pm my cousin Amber came I saw her pull up by my mom’s car. I gave her a big hug. She asked how I was doing and if i’m ready to go fishing with her. I told her I’m doing good and I can’t wait to go fishing with her and aunt Rhonda. We put away the pans and plates in the sink then we grabbed the fishing poles, tackle box, and the worms. We walked towards the lake and set our fishing poles, it took awhile to fix my fishing pole since the line was broke. Finally we got my line fix I casted my line into the lake. Nobody was getting a bite but I was, I was the first one to catch a fish it was a large mouth

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