Narrative Essay On The Bike Ride

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the Bike Ride Once upon a time, there was a kid riding through a junkyard, at that moment he turned from the most ordinary kid to the most extraordinary, that kid was named Oliver never knew he was so special until one moment with his future best friend… Oliver lives just past the junkyard in a condo, It isn't next to the junkyard but it's pretty close. The sound of his mean uncle yelling at him is Oliver's alarm clock. Every morning Oliver has to pick one of his dirty close off the ground, every day to get ready for school . After looking for a pair of clothes to wear he looks at his pictures of his mom and dad on his dresser to remember them, but sadly they past away in a car crash, and now Oliver lives with his uncle. Oliver heads down …show more content…
So Oliver goes on with his day, and rides his bike to school, it's only a mile or so, it's not long, but it may take longer with his flat tire. He hops on his bike and opens the garage, every day Oliver passes the junkyard. The junkyard is so loud so he Puts on his 2 dollar earpods that barely work. He always takes this shortcut through the junkyard so he won't be late to school cause if he's late one more time he goes straight to the principal's office, He hits some little bumps, but then there was this big one that made him swerve into the electricity pole and the box, It hit him right in the stomach “That hurt Oliver thought,’’ and then a kid rushed over,”you alright Oliver, no it feels like a bolt of electricity went through …show more content…
We get to school and we split, my first class is science, in my science class I have Rodger one of the biggest bullies in school, well he's my biggest bully. He always tries to mess with my projects and the teacher never notice Its at the end of the day where i'm heading back home, when I see that same pole trying to be pulled up by these big machines, I head around it where no one could spot me out, but then I see that boy that helped me out in the beginning of the day where I was coming to school and right then I heard a worker shout everybody watch out!!! Right then I see a big machine about to fall on me, but that feeling that I had in the morning came back to me even stronger than ever, my eyes turn into lightning bolts and my feet are quicker than ever. I dodge the machine and I end up on the other side of that kid.

“What just happened!!!, Oliver Screamed.” “I don't know, the kid said you were so fast I couldn't even see you.”Pls dont tell anyone about this.”Okay I won't it will be our secret,”thank you, I appreciate it, Oliver Gasped, Thank you so

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