Narrative Essay On Salt Bae

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Ok. So I have no idea what's going on but here's what I think happened...

So first, Michael was going over to the sauna to relax. Likely being worried about being one of the scared contestants and being illegible for next killed, Little did he know that the killer had already planned their next murder. They had a black trash bag full of Salt Bae brand salt containers that they used to fill up Steam Tank 1 with. While filling up Steam Tank 1, they also filled up Steam Tank 2 with a stink bomb liquid. For those that don't know, stink bomb liquid is non-toxic but causes nausea and in large quantities, vomiting. As soon as Michael went into the sauna, the killer got to work, putting on a gas mask waiting outside for them. When the sauna started up, Michael realized something was wrong. The normally water mist that he expected turned out to be a salt water mist. Water inhaled into the lungs can effectively irritate the lining of the lungs. It can cause inflammation or swelling that makes it difficult or impossible for the body to supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. While he was banging on the door, he couldn't escape as a
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Throwing his black trash bag full of Salt Bae brand salt containers in the room, as well as tearing off his gas mask. As Michael slowly regained consciousness, he would choke on his own vomit due to the killer using a rag covering his mouth, possibly biting his tongue in the process, causing it to swell. As he was dying, the killer quickly choked him up a bit as well, leaving the bruises on his neck, with the true cause of death being aspiration of vomit. Once Michael had died, the killer spelled out "Hollyweed" on his left arm, using a syringe. The killer would place the syringe on a meme sculpture before placing Michael into a bee costume and hat and stringing him up onto the meme gallery room's fan via noose, in order to confuse us with the true cause of

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